Courses of Women Empowerment

Courses of Women Empowerment

Goals & Objectives:

  • To empower Women in all aspects of life
  • To Provide all opportunities to build out Women  future & desires
  • To impose the importance of the women role in the local society
  • To raise the women awareness to their rights & active participation in society
  • To support the widows & divorced women , by training them some professional skills that open front opportunities to start their own small business in their houses for which family center will help in marketing their products,  like but not limited to:
  • Cooking & catering Kitchen  (for this project)
  • Handmade works (For this project)
  • Hairdressing , Nails & body care (For future Projects)
  • Data entry & computer skills (For future Projects)

·          Art Paintings  & Music … etc   (For future Projects)



  • For Non working Women of Age: 20 to 55 years , specifically the Divorced & Widows who are suffering the life challenges & deep needs . without any consideration of religion or ethnicity , & suffering hard life & no income, especially widows & divorced women , who have children to care & feed
  • The approval of participating our courcesis subject to a personal interview & special evaluation afterfilling the attached application